Waterloo Research and Consulting is a boutique consulting firm serving the needs of government and private-sector clients in the health care, human services, and health information technology industries.  We leverage data and subject matter expertise to guide clients at the intersections of health care, technology, and government.

Structured Services

WRC has developed structured approaches to helping clients who have certain common consulting needs or who are responding to recent changes in the health care, human services, or health information technology ecosystems.

Strategic Planning

WRC offers strategic planning support for organizations operating in the health care and human services industries, with uniquely deep expertise with health information exchange organizations. Such services often include facilitation, stakeholder interviews, environmental scans, market analyses, economic modeling, research, and writing.

Telemedicine Strategy

Development WRC has significant expertise in the key aspects of telemedicine strategy – overcoming barriers due to rhetoric, regulation, and reimbursement. WRC can help your organization develop an effective telemedicine strategy focused on improving outcomes, increasing revenue, or decreasing costs, depending on client priorities.

Social Needs Strategy Development

With the increasing recognition of the social determinants of health, WRC has developed a structured approach to assisting organizations with developing strategies for addressing the social needs of their members or patients. Services can span all the way from strategic planning to process transformation and social services provider network development.

Procurement Response Support

With our significant experience writing and evaluating state health and human services RFPs, WRC is strongly positioned to assist organizations trying to win state or federal HHS business. WRC has developed a structured approach, informed by our direct professional experience, for helping organizations respond to HHS procurements.

Other Specialties

In addition to the structured services offered by WRC, we also have deep experience and expertise in several other specific consulting areas.

Policy and Regulatory Due Diligence

While most private equity and venture capital deals will include financial due diligence, with transactions in the health care and human services industries, it is critical to examine the policy and regulatory situation since many of the involved organizations, professionals, or innovations are highly impacted by state and federal policy and regulation.

Expert Research and Testimony

For lawsuits involving the health care or human services industries, it is often important to engage an expert to independently analyze and report on the situation. WRC can provide expert research and testimony, particularly economic and public policy analysis for litigation in the health care and human services industries.

Advocacy Support

Associations representing health care professionals and organizations often seek to influence legislative and regulatory outcomes at the state and federal levels. WRC supports these types of efforts by conducting independent research and writing whitepapers that associations can use in support of their legislative and regulatory agendas.

Program Evaluation

Both public and private organizations occasionally implement pilot programs for the purpose of determining what works. WRC has significant expertise in quantitative and qualitative analytic methods and research design, all of which lend themselves to sophisticated and credible program evaluation.

Public Policy and Program Development

With our long experience in the development of public policy and administration of public programs, WRC is well positioned to help government organizations develop public policies and public programs. In addition, for interest groups operating in the HHS space, we have significant experience drafting regulatory and legislative recommendations.

Business Strategy and Development

Having gained an intimate understanding of the health care, human services, and health information technology industries through our experience developing policies and administering programs in them, WRC can assist organizations in these industries with their business strategies and with direct business development.

Custom Consulting

Sometimes a given client has needs that fall outside of WRC’s structured services and other specialties.  In such cases, we are able to call on our considerable experience and expertise to develop customized approaches to solving nearly any business or policy need for organizations operating in the health care, human services, or health information technology industries.